Akira Dove offers a variety of design solutions to meet your needs, focusing primarily on architectural design, whilst also carrying out demographic exploration, interior visualisations, property development advice and inspiration.

The other sections within this site will provide a visual journey for the type of work that has been carried out through this business.

Please use the contact on this page to find out more and how we can help with your design requirements.

The creation of Akira Dove. The word Akira comes from the Japanese (あきら, アキラ) meaning “Bright”, “Intelligent” or “Clear”.


The name Akira was inspired by my passion for Japan and the brief time that I was able to spend exploring Tokyo in 2019. The use of the word Dove comes from its symbolisation, the Dove is a symbol of Peace & Love it represents care and support.


I first used it within my school studies through the design work that I carried out and it has stuck with me as a symbol that represents how I approach my work and my interactions with the people around me.


I also use this site to showcase some of my completed masters work from Manchester school of architecture. Click here to view my portfolio.